How much work is included in the Setup fee?

The Setup fee includes all the time you need working with our experts (for up to 30 days) to make a plan together, get your information collected and organized, have your website designed and built, go through a refinement and final polish step, and then we launch your beautiful new website.

After your website is launched, unlimited updates through our Support Department are included in your service package.

Please note that after 30 days, or for any additional revisions you require before your website is launched we bill $9.95/hr.

What is WordPress?

WordPress is a content management system for making websites. It is the software that takes care o f all the background code and programming so we can focus on designing great looking websites. Even better, it is open source. That means thousands of people around the world are working on improving it and adding great new features.

How often can I send in my updates?

You can send us all your updates once a week. For pictures and wording updates, you just have to email to support@webjustice.ca and then you can even track our progress with our support ticket system. With catalog updates it is even easier. We’ll set up a spreadsheet that you and our designers can both see and update in real-time online.

What do you get help with?



  • We will help you setup your email program, such as Outlook
  • We will show you how to login to webmail
  • We don’t show you how to use Outlook or manage your emails
How do I update the website myself if I don’t know programming?

WordPress has tons of help articles and videos build right in. It is designed for non-technical people to be able to use intuitively. Also, we offer ‘How to Use WordPress’ training.

How much space do I get for my website?

As a technical limit, you can add up to 1GB of pictures and information to your website. That is about 500 pictures, so you will never run out of space.

How do the Website Statistics work?

It tracks the real visitors to your website. It tells you where they came from, what pages they clicked on, and a whole lot more.

Does the free first month of service start once my website is live?

The free month of service covers the time it takes to get your website up and running. We aim to get all new websites up and running within 30 days, but things sometimes happen that can cause delays. Either way, you aren’t billed for your first month of service until after 30 days or until your website is live.

What payment methods do you accept?

You can pay by Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Paypal, Interac e-Transfer, or cheque.

If my payment is late, does my website and email get turned off?

The website and email service is suspended if a payment is 30 days late. We make sure you’ve seen your invoice by email, or received a paper copy in the mail. An account is closed if a payment is 60 days late.

What exactly are ‘Pages’?

A page has a unique address on the internet. A page can have words, pictures, catalog items, a form, or almost anything. For example, our Home page is http://wwwwebsitesca.staging.wpengine.com/ and our Contact page is http://wwwwebsitesca.staging.wpengine.com/contact/

What are Personalized Email Addresses?

A personalized email address is something like dave@companyname.com. We can also set up aliases like info@companyname.com or sales@companyname.com and have them forward to a personalized address automatically.

Do I own my Domain Name and Email Addresses?

Yes! We register a domain name for you with you as the official Registrant (or owner). You can take over management of your domain name any time. It does cost $16.95/year for you to do it yourself. That fee is included in our packages.

Do I own my website?

Yes! You own all the information in your website and can take a backup copy at any time.

What is a Blog?

Blog is short for Web Log. It is for publishing information regularly. The articles show up by date with the newest ones first, and they can be categorized and tagged so people can find the information they are looking for easily. Blogs are also great for getting your website noticed on the search engines like Google.

Can I cancel any time?

Sure! We would hate to see you go, so let us know if there is a problem we can fix. Otherwise, just give us at least a day or two notice before your billing date—a little bit more if you want to move your domain name and email to another provider. We’ll make the process of moving as easy as we can. And sorry, we can’t give a refund for the remainder of a month or if you have prepaid for the year. We pay for all of our server space and software in advance, so we need to know before you are billed that you don’t want to continue.

What if I want to upgrade or downgrade?

You can upgrade or downgrade at any time, your next month bill will reflect the change after the upgrade or downgrade is complete. We won’t bill you until your catalog is ready if you upgrade to the Catalog Package for example. The set-up fee is the difference from the package you are currently on. To upgrade from Standard to Blogging is $100 setup, for example.

What is SEO?

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. The goal is to help your website rank higher in the Google search results. We figure out what your potential customers are searching for on the search engines, check how your website ranks compared to the competition, and then we promote your website for those words and phrases. Contact us for more details and a custom quote.

What is Adwords?
Adwords are the little ads you see at the top of the search results and to the right of the search results on Google. You only pay when somebody clicks on your ad, and you can set your monthly budget. We can set up a campaign for you to run yourself or take care of everything including tracking the results and return on investment.Contact us for more details and a custom quote.
What is a Domain Name?

A domain name is kind of like a phone number for the Internet. They thought ahead and decided to to use words instead of numbers. A domain name is letters and numbers followed by an ending like (.com) or (.ca). If you’re wondering, .com stands for commercial and .ca stands for Canada. Each country manages their own 2 letter ending.

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